Advantages of VoIP


At Grandstream, we never get tired of emphasizing the many advantages that VoIP bring to business communications. From cost savings, streamlining your IP communications, increased flexibility, to bringing you more productivity thanks to its rich features. When it comes to unified communications, VoIP is the only choice. 

Below are Grandstream's preferred top 5 VoIP advantages:

  1. Cost Savings- Save on telecom and long distance costs between office locations and remote workers. It saves on cell phone bills by routing domestic and international calls made on a smartphone through VoIP.
  2. Increased Flexibility and Mobility- Integrate your communications data like email, e-fax and remote communication though an IP PBX and access it through the Internet. This gives users the freedom to move around without being restricted to chords or a specific location.
  3. Streamline your IP communications- With the UCM series from Grandstream, you can keep everything on the same network, regardless of physical location by peering UCM’s together and centralizing your IP communications.
  4. More features and productivity- Thanks to VoIP, you can increase efficiency through rich IP features. Assign your most contacted extensions to your BLF, call forwarding to different devices, voicemail forwarded to your inbox, integrate third-party applications like PMS, make calls through your computer thanks CTI, plus more.  
  5. Integrate your IP devices to work together- Access a wide variety of different technologies on one powerful, integrated network. Where old phone systems could only support telephony/voice, IP-based UC networks can support pretty much any type of technology, allowing you integrate on one network. For example, integrating devices so that video cameras can call video phones when an alarm is triggered.