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The infrastructure, communication, and collaboration setup of a unified communications solution varies wildly depending on the industry of the deployment. Hospitality deployments require diverse endpoints and expansive WiFi networks, schools need security integration with their communication endpoints, and offices require a the perfect endpoints and conferencing devices for their business models. Grandstream's wide portfolio enables you to sculpt a customized solution no matter the business vertical that you are deploying into. 

Continue reading to learn how Grandstream can be used to create the perfect deployment for the following industries:

  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Offices and enterprises
  • Residential
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare

Solutions for Education

eGuide of a typical education deployment

Grandstream solutions allow schools to build powerful communication and security networks that increase the flow of communication while proactively keeping any school safe and secure. 

This eGuide breaks down:

  • The Grandstream devices in an education solution
  • How the network integrates together to drive security and communications
  • The communication needs of each school department

Download the eGuide

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hotel room w phone

Hospitality Communication Solutions

Comprehensive deployment blog post

Kim"Hotels rely heavily upon their communications between reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, management, and hotel guests. Connecting these users and meeting their unique communication needs is easier than ever with Grandstream."

-Kim Gunn, Marketing Communications Specialist

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Deploying the Modern Office

Infographic of office solutions by department

Efficient, productive, and collaborative. These are three necessary qualities for a unified communications solution within a modern business. This infographic goes over the Grandstream solution devices and benefits by department within a typically office deployment.

Departments covered:

  • Main office
  • Network backend
  • Meeting spaces
  • Security and reception

View the infographic


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residential solutions featured image

Residential Solutions Guide

Apartment and home deployments

Grandstream provides everything that an apartment building, residential complex, college dormitory, or home-owner needs to create a powerful communications and security solution. Click below to download our guide and learn more. 

  • Build complete facility access solutions, from intercoms to endpoints
  • Sculpt a fast and secure Wi-Fi network
  • Manage the entire solution with the UCM series of IP PBXs

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Logistics and Warehousing

Deployments for logistics service providers

Communication technology is changing the shape of the logistics industry. Grandstream's wide portfolio of unified communications, networking, and security technology will help any logistics service provider stay modern and competitive. Check out our infographic below to learn more.

View the infographic

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Healthcare Blog Q2 2019

Communication in Healthcare

Blog post: The Rise of Telehealth

In healthcare, technology is evolving. Telehealth is becoming increasingly evident across the healthcare space, allowing for connectivity at any time from anywhere between care teams and their patients. With Grandstream’s wide range of solutions, any healthcare practice or facility can communicate between departments with ease.

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