As business requires more mobility and flexibility, organizations are relying on Wi-Fi networks not only for data and internet but also for their communications and collaboration platform. With over 100 products in our offering, including a full portfolio of Wi-Fi networking solutions as well as a deep portfolio of voice and video solutions, Grandstream provides a one-stop-shop for all of your Wi-Fi and unified communication needs. 

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Wi-Fi Voice & Video

The way that organizations communicate has been rapidly transforming over the past few years as demands change due to various social, economic and technological factors. Wireless technology is on the minds of many prospective buyers, and it is predicted to be a key component of next-gen communication
platforms as it adds an ease and flexibility of use that is quickly becoming the expectation. The benefits of wireless communication solutions for any
organization are endless: they cut back and streamline network management and infrastructure costs, provides centralized network management, and makes it easy to support the modern workforce that includes remote workers, hybrid workers and remote offices.

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Utilize Immersive Wi-Fi Networks

Use existing Wi-Fi networks rather than managing an endless maze of cables

Maximize Mobility & Flexibility

Communicate and collaborate from anywhere Wi-Fi is available with Wi-fi enabled endpoints

Streamline Installation & Management

Avoid troublesome & expensive wiring and make deployments as easy as putting a phone on a desk

Ideal for the Modern Workforce

Merge multiple physical locations onto one common network while allowing hybrid, remote and travelling staff to work from anywhere.


Building Wi-Fi Communication Solutions with Grandstream

Building wireless networks that combine networking and unified communications solutions provides a wide range of benefits while making communicating easier and more impactful for the modern workforce. As one of the only companies in the world that provides a full portfolio of wireless networking and wireless unified communications solutions, Grandstream is your ideal partner for building wireless communication solutions. Keep reading to learn more.

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Building Wi-Fi Networks

Grandstream’s large portfolio of Wi-Fi networking products offer enterprise-grade networking, tremendous Wi-Fi coverage range, fast and easy provisioning/management, outstanding network throughput and support for a large number of clients per access point. Our APs can be paired with 3rd party routers, Grandstream routers as well as existing
Wi-Fi networks. With a whole portfolio of indoor, outdoor and long-range APs, the GWN Series provides the ideal model for every need.

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MU-MIMO allows internal antennas to send and receive data at the same time

Industry-leading security suite including secure boot, critical data/ control lockdown and more

Web UI features real-time reports and analytics and an embedded controller

Multiple Wi-Fi 6 options allow you to take advantage of next-gen Wi-Fi technology

Managing Wi-Fi Networks

Grandstream offers three powerful, easy and free ways to setup, control and manage Wi-Fi networks with the GWN Series.

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GWN.Cloud is a enterprise-grade, management platform for Grandstream access points. Secure networks can be deployed in seconds using GWN.Cloud mobile app or the web browser interface, then later managed from the same interface. Keep an eye on the network’s performance with real-time monitoring, alerts, statistics and reports that can be viewed using a web browser or the mobile application, then later managed from either interface. 


GWN Manager

GWN Manager is a  on-premise enterprise- grade, management platform for an unlimited number of Grandstream access points. Typically deployed on a customer’s private network, this solution offers simplified configuration and management. Keep an eye on the network’s performance with real-time monitoring, alerts, statistics and reports that can be viewed using a web browser or the mobile application. 

GWN Manager

Embedded Controller

Grandstream's GWN series of Routers and APs includes controller software at no extra cost and it is simply built-in to the product’s web user interface. Our embedded controllers can auto discovery and auto-provision any in-network GWN series AP from the designated Provisioning Master (either an AP or the GWN7000), which also offers a centralized provisioning and management interface.



Optimizing Wi-Fi for Voice & Video

GWN Series APs are built to support Wi-Fi voice & video by allowing you to prioritize this traffic while ensuring seamless roaming.

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QoS (Quality of Service)

Allows you to set your Wi-Fi network to prioritize any specific traffic that you would like, including voice, video, applications, background traffic, etc. 

Wi-Fi Voice Enterprise

Provides clients with a list of nearby APs to shorten authentications and roaming. 

PMK Caching & OKC

Eliminate the need to re-verify and authenticate when roaming to a new AP on the same network for shorten authentication. 

Connecting Wi-Fi & SIP Networks


1. Make sure your access points (APs) are on the same local network as your on-premise, hosted or cloud IP PBX

2. Create Wi-Fi networks for your APs

3. Add Wi-Fi endpoints to Wi-Fi networks utilized by APs.
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Building Voice & Video Networks

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Grandstream’s UCM6300 Ecosystem provides a complete communications and collaboration platform for on-site and remote solutions. It pairs together the customization and control of an on-premise IP PBX with the remote access of a cloud solution to provide an easy-to-manage hybrid communication platform for organizations of all sizes. The ecosystem consists of the UCM6300 series IP PBX, Wave app and UCM RemoteConnect cloud service. The UCM6300 Ecosystem is the ideal solution for multi-site organizations and those with remote, hybrid and traveling staff. The UCM6300 Ecosystem platform can be accessed wirelessly by adding the UCM6300 IP PBX to the same network as your Wi-Fi routers and APs, and can be accessed remotely through secure VPN connections.

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Hundreds of customizable voice features, including IVR, call queues, auto attendants and more


Full SIP video support for video and web conferencing, meetings, calls, security, facility access, and more


The free Wave mobile app allows workers to communicate and collaborate from anywhere on any device
*requires UCM6300 Series IP PBX


Advanced Data options include CDR, call queue manager, recording CRM integration property management and more.

Grandstream's Wi-Fi Voice and Video Endpoints


WP Series Cordless Wi-Fi IP Phones

The WP Series provides a variety of businesses and vertical market applications with a powerful combination of features, mobility and durability to suit all portable telephony needs.

GRP Series Carrier-Grade IP Phones

The GRP Series provides powerful, easy-to-use, and easy-to-deploy Carrier-Grade IP phones with next-gen features and sleek designs. With Wi-Fi built-in to numerous GRP models, you can find the ideal model for every need.

Wave App

The Wave app is a desktop, web, and mobile app that provides remote voice and video collaboration tools for businesses utilizing Grandstream’s UCM6300 series IP PBXs, allowing workers to easily communicate and collaborate from anywhere.


GXV Series IP Video Phones for Android

The GXV Series extends advanced video & audio communications to the desktop while offering tablet-like functionality and web access. Users will enjoy a powerful multimedia experience with these cutting-edge video phones.

GVC Series Video Conferencing Devices

The GVC devices are the most flexible video conferencing devices on the market as they work with any SIP, H.323 or Android conferencing platform. The GVC3210 and GVC3220 support Wi-Fi.

GSC Series Facility Management

The GSC Series delivers security, protection and facility management all integrated into your communications network solution. The GSC3570 Control Station as well as GSC3510 and GSC3505 Intercom/PA devices offer built-in Wi-Fi support.

Wi-Fi Facility Access Solutions

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By adding a GDS Series device to a SIP network, you can create a wireless facility access and intercom solution. GDS Series devices can make and receive SIP voice and video (GDS3710 and GDS3712) calls with any extension, while all Grandstream IP phones, including all Wi-Fi compatible models, can open doors connected to a GDS Series device. When combining the GDS3710 and GDS3712 with Grandstream’s video-enabled Wi-Fi endpoints (including WP Series and GRP Series), a streaming video intercom can be achieved. WP Series cordless Wi-Fi IP Phone’s provide an ideal solution to control facility access from anywhere in a facility through Wi-Fi. The GSC Series adds Wi-Fi enabled two-way intercom and public-address speakers along with a Wi-Fi compatible control panel (GSC3570) to easily build out a wireless facility access and intercom solution.

Wi-Fi Communication Solutions - Deployment Examples

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Businesses & Enterprises

Allow employees to work from anywhere, deploy devices that can be brought between home and the office, implement wireless offices and streamline setup & management.


Easily communicate from all corners of these large properties and streamline setup and management.


Increase security and communication by allowing staff to be reached and control access from anywhere.


Increase communication and mobility by utilizing existing Wi-Fi networks while streamlining management.

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