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Introducing: The GUV Series of Personal Collaboration Devices

The GUV series of Personal Collaboration Solutions provides a variety of powerful audio and video solutions that enhance remote communication and collaboration. They are designed to provide a powerful HD collaboration experience with all day comfort for remote workers, students, teachers, healthcare professionals, contact centers, and more. Check out the product page here.


Remote Work is Not a Trend - it's the Future

The COVID19 pandemic forced organizations all over the world to go remote – with no warning. With entire companies now working from home, the way that they communicate completely changed, as did the tools they need to do so. All of a sudden, every business needed desktop and mobile tools to support remote workers, video became a requirement and headsets were more in-demand then phones. For those of us in the communication technology sector, this forced us to quickly adjust to the new remote solutions our customers needed, altering the industry more than anything in a generation. However, this sudden landscape change served as a case study of what next-generation technology could do for our world, and therefore provided a window into the future of communication technology.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a driving force in steering organizations around the world to find new ways of staying connected and working together. Grandstream offers plenty of solutions that support remote work and collaboration. We offer a wide variety of remote and mobility solutions that can be scaled to support any organization, including small-to-medium businesses, enterprises, schools, hospitals, governments, and more. 

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The Growing Market for Remote Work Technology

Headsets, webcams, conferencing software, and other technology is a new focus for IT departments, individuals, and businesses alike. Remote work has always been a growing market, and due to the global pandemic businesses are adopting new remote work practices that are here to stay as companies recognize the growing benefits that remote work offers. In this blog post, we’ll cover the benefits and drawbacks that remote work offers to both employees and employers, and explain how remote work technology can boost these benefits and eliminate drawbacks.

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Remote Work: How the Right Tools Can Improve Collaboration

As we enter the era of remote interaction, many organizations are adapting and adjusting to a new way of life. Many companies have moved to a remote work structure, education has shifted to virtual classrooms, and healthcare workers have turned to technology to provide telehealth appointments. With a focus on health and safety for all, our means of communication have shifted nearly exclusively to web-based solutions to enable remote collaboration. This creates a demand for products that pair with these solutions to help remote professionals, students, and teachers stay productive while remote.

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How Grandstream Can Help

The GUV Series

In this webinar recording, we go in-depth on the GUV Series of Headsets and provide a detailed first-look of their capabilities. Ideal for remote workers and busy environments, the GUV3000 and GUV3005 are HD USB Headsets with noise canceling technology that pair with laptops, computers, IP phones and other devices to offer high-quality sound. 

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Sales Kit

This kit is designed to provide you with the tools and information you will need surrounding the GUV Series of Personal Collaboration Devices. Click the link below to download the sales kit.

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Product Presentation

In this presentation, we provide an overview on the GUV series as a whole and their potential applications for remote work, learning, and healthcare. Click the link to learn more!

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GUV Remote Worker Flyer



Ideal for Any Remote Worker

GUV3000 Series: Personal Collaboration Devices

We've created some helpful guides to give you an overview of the GUV Series of personal collaboration devices. The series of USB devices is available now and can easily be deployed in any scenario. In our overview flyer, we touch on just a few industry vertical deployments. The GUV series is everything a remote worker needs: in businesses, education, healthcare, and more! Download the guide below.

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Series Highlight: GUV3100 USB Webcam for Education

In this short flyer, we highlight the key features of the GUV3100 HD USB Webcam in an education deployment. With its plug & play, no set-up required, the GUV3100 webcam is an easy way to connect students and educators for state-of-the-art virtual schooling. Download the PDF to learn more!

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