Sys Logic Case Study

IT Consulting Firm GWN Wi-Fi Network

Sys Logic Technology Services is full-service IT consulting and computer repair services firm
based in Canton, Texas. They rely on Grandstream to create high-quality and easy-to-deploy Wi-Fi access point networks for their customers.

Download our Case Study to learn how Sys Logic creates Wi-Fi netowrks that:

  • Are easy-to-deploy and configure
  • Can be highly customized depending on the needs of their customers
  • Can be managed and configured in bulk at no extra cost

Download the Case Study

“Adopting Grandstream’s GWN series has been a great decision for Sys Logic and our customers. These very high quality WI-Fi APs have improved our customer’s networks while allowing us to provide more at a lower price. A great product combined with Grandstream’s local tech support
has made the GWN series a success for us.” - Chris Goldsmith, Sys Logic